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Taking a look at the four hour chart, guys, what we could see here is we have the yellow waves. A diverging means that they are creating a higher non, and that's showing us who the bearish momentum is still reducing. But, we did not develop a lower low at the price, so that would not support a divergence. It's just showing us we have.

A slow ramble here in the yellowish wave as well as at the price strength lineup. Alright, so probably we will come here now to 8-4 50 and the trend lineup around for four hour plus we all receive the rejection and withdrawal over two eighty one 1-5 in which case we can observe a balance out of anybody 50 and that is if we still don't manage to become above the four-hour trend lineup, new ways in terms of weekly could sit.

No Thing. Nothing really changed here. We are still above the per week trend line. And that I presume what's going to be critical this really is just a month-to-month near January. So we will close in every week, in a week times or so, but definitely crucial that you see where we now could near January anyhow, the way that it stands right now, based on the four-hour graph on Bit coin, uh, we did two earnings at 8,500, uh, to the trade, which we have had from the class.

At this time it does seem like the purchase price want ahead back and try and break the four hour trend line, and that I do believe it is not going to perform, and we will maybe arrive right down and examine 80 81 1-5 and we will possibly receive yourself a rebound from there. But when we do be able to divide the four-hour trend-line and also we can begin watching a continuation at the up side , although I'm not believing that this is going to take place throughout the weekend, some times it does with Bit-coin, you can't know.

Oh. So we are going to need to view. Looking at the theorial. Studying a tearoom guys, we'd needed a bullish divergence right in with the phantom division, using yellowish waves, and the purchase price. Uh, we had the yellow tide jelqing, dividing the zero line cost, which makes a lower reduced, verifying that a divergence and cost travelled up from a 54 all up the way to one 64.

Uh, failed to break the immunity lineup right here, return down into one 5 7. Right now we are treating a one sixty and also we didn't manage to live far, either already trend line. It's possible to see right here. Once we broke one, our tendency line became back to tested because service back. Um, and then, uh, we struck it, missing the support level plus it has been behaving as immunity.